Can There be Bad Tastes in Music?

Music has been the talk of many for eons. For over 35,000 years we’ve found comfort in the methodic rhythms and charming melodies of both old and new songs — though while we’ve had these sounds in our bones for generations, there is still so much discourse. This leads to the question: is there bad music?

Music comes in many variations that appeal to different preferences. Some may like certain genres for the tempo and pace, while others listen more for the lyrics and its social meanings — music can often be about mood as well. There are entire genres dedicated to more upbeat themes and the same can be said for more mellow music. Preferences change with generation as well, afterall, I can’t say I can see my great-grandma listening to Drake any time soon!

All of us have been influenced with music one way or another. Be it the music we’ve heard since the beginning of our lives, played on the radio, or the music played on the announcements every morning. Many songs revolve around different cultures and different places, such as songs that tell the story of the Earth, songs that thank our ancestors, etc. Because of all of these influences, we all have different tastes.

But is that to say that there can be bad tastes in music? I say no. Music has been created for pleasure, storytelling, and most importantly: to feel. We’re all incredibly different people with different preferences, and as the popular saying goes: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”


By Emma Assad


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