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Literacy Test Comeback

By now most high school students are aware that the OSSLT or Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is back. This test will be a requirement for all grade 10, 11, and non-graduating grade 12 students, however, there is an exception for students enrolled in the Secondary Remote Learning Program (SRLP), in other words, online school. The WRDSB website explains that “Grade 11 and non-graduating Grade 12 students in SRLP will either take the Ontario Secondary School  Literacy Course (OLC4OI) or participate in the adjudication process.”, the adjudication process being a panel established by the school board that will assess the students who were unable to write the test or take the course for unforeseen consequences and students with an IEP who were for some reason not accommodated while taking the test. The grade 10 students participating in remote learning will be exempt from this requirement entirely and will be given the opportunity to fulfill it next year. 

The OSSLT can seem awfully daunting for a lot of students due to a fear of failing. Luckily there are plenty of encouraging statistics in terms of provincial and board-specific results on the test that will surely boost confidence. Every year that the literacy test is performed there are plenty of publicly available statistics on the EQAO website. Page 44 of the report on Ontario student achievement on the OSSLT shows the success rates over time. For first-time eligible students, the success results ranged from 79-82% in 5 years, with an 80% success rate being the most recent. This means that by studying effectively and using the resources the teachers will be providing, students will be ready to pass this test! Yet, if English is not a strong suit, there is always the option to either redo the test at a later time, or enroll in the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course: a Grade 12 course that will need to be completed in order to receive an Ontario diploma. 

Hopefully, the high success rates and alternative options will help ease students’ minds when it comes to this test and good luck to everyone participating!


By Ekjot Sahota


Practice tests and prep resources: https://www.eqao.com/the-assessments/osslt/#practice 


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