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The Re-Opening of CHCI Clubs

Over the course of COVID 19, one of the best parts of CHCI, clubs, was shut down. Fortunately, this year, many are opening up again. Student executives and teachers have been reaching out to the school through virtual and/or short restricted in-person meetings. There are all sorts of different ways to join, so keep your eyes and ears open for announcements. 

Since there is such a big variety of activities you can participate in, let’s take a look at some of them.

One of the most recent ones that have begun is the knitting club, in which you can learn how to knit, crochet, embroider, or just join fellow peers that also know how to. Another one is Mission Medical, a club designed for students wanting to enter the medical sector. It offers volunteering opportunities, information, and more. GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) club is also an option to consider. It is a safe and fun place created for everyone to get involved in, which is mainly student-run. 

Here are some clubs that have been at Cameron for a long time that has started up again:

K-crew is a club where members dance to k-pop songs together! If you love k-pop and dancing, it is a great place to start getting involved. Key club is an international volunteering organization that also runs at our school! If you’re looking for more volunteer hours or variety in them, reach out to the executives or teachers in charge. Finally, we have the very club that is writing these articles:  Globe and Gael! Come join Globe and Gael if you love writing, sharing opinions, and informing others!

Cameron is so lucky to have such a big selection of clubs to choose from. One of the biggest and most common regrets of our alumni is “I wish I had gotten involved sooner”… It is never too late to join, so please make sure to check out the schools’ Activities Classroom for more information!


By Hyewon Lee


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