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Students’ Different Reactions to Lockers

Just last week, lockers were introduced to CHCI. First to the grade nines, then the grade tens, and so on. Students were registered to a locker through a Google form, on the floor that their period C class is on. Different opinions have surfaced to this new change, both positive and negative.

Many students have commented that lockers feel pointless, since everyone is used to carrying their backpacks. They feel almost nervous without a backpack on now. This is why most are still seen moving from place to place wearing one. There were also complaints due to the floor the locker was on, because who wants to walk up to fourth just to grab a pencil?

On the other hand, some students have commented on how glad they are to have finally received theirs. They remarked on how heavy backpacks can get, and how inconvenient it can be to carry around such a bulky item.

Whether or not everyone believes lockers were the most useful addition to the school, it is always great to have some choice available. Hopefully, more people will start warming up to them, especially with winter coming up – or, already here – those boots and thick coats will need a place to go! Remember, just because you have a locker doesn’t mean you NEED to use it.

So please, if you have not already, fill out the registration form and put a lock on your locker to secure it! 


By Hyewon Lee


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