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The Empty Stocking Fund

I’d be lying if I said I was the only one excited for the winter season. Not only are there so many holidays and events, but even if you don’t celebrate anything there’s the excuse for hot chocolate and comfy pajamas. 

Now more than ever, we need a little spirit booster from all the hard work we’ve been doing and the chaotic events going on in the world. Nothing makes us feel better than giving – although receiving is nice too ;). This is why ESF is a lovely way to start the winter months. For starters, we have an ENTIRE week dedicated to donating toys, clothing, money and more! Not only is it easy to make a donation, but it’s an opportunity for Gaels to make a difference and care for their community. 

But what about our own Gael community? Our present to ourselves is all the fun activities to come November 29th – December 17th. Imagine all the candy grams you’ll get! Or how awesome plaid looks on everyone! And let’s not get started on comfy day (we all wish it was every day). It may be a little cheesy, and definitely very goofy, but why be a Grinch when we could have some fun and eat donuts? So take this opportunity to have a break with your friends, because COVID can’t stop us from having a good time. Be safe of course! 

All of the events are designed to be easy for everyone to participate, and easier for everyone to have fun. Whether it’s an all day event or a simple lunch-time trivia, there is no excuse to not participate. 

So whether you’re doing the 3 point shootout or taking a picture with Scotty, have fun Gaels and don’t forget to enjoy the winter months to come. 


By Maddie G


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