Why Do Students Not Want to Participate in School Activities?

This year will be the second time I’ve been enrolled in a Leadership class. I had taken it last year during Covid but due to the full online environment, I think it’s fair to assume that nobody was really interested in participating in the lesser quality online versions of what once would’ve been a major popular event. Basically, nobody really participated in things. 

I understood and didn’t take any of it to heart of course: why would people want to participate in something totally different than how it was supposed to be, especially during this anti-social “new normal”? I took it again this year because I wanted another shot at creating or recreating some of our most cherishing events. 

Yet, once again, nobody is participating. All I’m asking is why? 

We had our year to be angry, to be the victim of a very tragic pandemic, but we cannot be victims forever. At some point we have to pull ourselves out of this and take our lives back, and I think we’re forgetting that we can still do that while wearing a mask. 

I can tell you first hand that our leadership classes, SAC, administration and the teachers are trying ridiculously hard to make school a safe place where kids want to be. It’s midterm season and everyone has so much on their plate, but we are still managing to make time for school activities that we think our student body would enjoy.  

People don’t realize just how much effort has to go into these events and it breaks my heart to constantly see them fall flat — it also breaks my heart to see so many, once ridiculously energetic people, have no motivation to even attend class regularly. We’ve become zombies just going through the motions of each day. 

Perhaps it’s exhaustion from having so many things taken away from us? Is it disconnectedness because of all of the time spent only interacting with people through a screen? Maybe we’re nervous to enter back into a normal society that we’re procrastinating? Dare I say all of the above? 

Whatever the answer is, I think it’s important to know that we don’t have to let it stay like this forever. Like Ghandi said, we must “Be the change we wish to see in the world”.  

It may not be seen as the coolest thing in the world to participate in school events due to some weird stigma but going out to events, meeting new people and engaging in your school environment outside of class time is going to drastically help rebuild your relationship and give you the drive you need — the lust for learning, which for many, has been missing for so long. 

Life is what you make it, so don’t spend it making more points to be added to your list of regrets. Find a poster, check out the school’s Instagram page (@chciactivities) and go be a part of something! 


By Drew Mackay


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