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Lunar New Years For Vietnamese Culture

Tết, also known as Lunar New Year, is on February 1st, 2022. Tết celebrates the new year and the upcoming spring. 

During this time, festivals are held and there, one can see dancing dragons, traditional foods, and music; it is performed on the streets making the atmosphere lively, a great time to visit Vietnam. This Celebration allows Vietnamese people to reunite with their family, as well as pay homage to their ancestors. 

During this holiday, Vietnamese people would host a feast for their relatives and friends to celebrate, exchange the best wishes and greetings for the upcoming new year. There is a belief in Vietnamese Lunar New Years that the things you do on the first day affect your entire year. Thus, they give their utmost attention to the things they do to ensure a good, happy year. Sweeping and cutting nails are forbidden during this time, as they do not want to be unknowingly removed, Good luck. Debts are settled and faults are forgiven, houses are cleared of any clutter as a way to bring in the fresh start of a new year. Vietnamese people believe that their ancestors will come to see them, which is why they display their photographs while bringing new offerings and burning incense. This festival fills the atmosphere with bright-coloured flowers and people shopping for ingredients for traditional foods. The very first day of Tết is mainly for visiting family members. During this time children receive red envelopes filled with money from their older relatives.  Red and yellow are believed to be colours that bring good luck and fortune, which explains why one can see many decorations that are coloured red and yellow. One of the important traditions in Tết is emphasized on who enters the house first, the first person entering brings in luck, it can be good or bad for the year. A family member who’s considered special would be invited to enter the house first to set the luck for the year,  however, if no one is invited to the house, the homeowner shall leave the house for a few minutes and then enter the house to ensure that they are the first person in their house.  


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