Why Do Students Procrastinate?

Students are always told not to leave all their assignments to the very last minute. They’re warned that if they do so, they’ll be scrambling to finish before the deadline and end up submitting something that doesn’t reflect their best work. Nevertheless, we ignore this advice and continue to avoid completing our work. We’re aware of the consequences of procrastination, so why do we continue to do so? 

It’s a common belief that the answer to that question is laziness. Students just don’t want to complete their assignments, and it’s as simple as that. In reality, students may tend to procrastinate if they fear failure. If they never do their work, they can’t make mistakes, and if they can’t make mistakes, then they can’t fail. The idea of putting effort into a task and for it to not be good enough deters students from finishing their schoolwork, and therefore leads to procrastination. 

Lack of motivation is also a major player in procrastination. If students find no importance in a task or can’t find a good reason to complete it, they’ll see no value in finishing it. A lack of motivation can also stem from being pressured to complete a task by other people, such as parents or guardians. It’s important for the willingness to complete a task to come from the student, rather than other people in order to avoid procrastination. 

While trying to find a purpose in the assignments you complete to motivate yourself is a great way to help deal with procrastination, there are also many other methods. You might start out by identifying why you procrastinate and then creating a plan on how to solve it. Or you could split up your work, so you don’t end up doing it all on the due date. Whatever you choose to do, it’s okay to acknowledge that you procrastinate, because everyone has experienced it before. Even I procrastinated on writing this article about procrastination. However, I managed to finish writing it, and you can also avoid procrastination by taking the right course of action!


By Jelena Mandic


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