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Culture Day

We’re back, after searching for big events and pandemic updates. We started to focus on the small stuff, that’s why we’re starting a new arc here at the interview committee. We’ll be reporting small events. Like, say, Culture day. 



CHCI culture day is one of many new events that were very successful. At first many speculated that only a handful would come dressed. Even though that may be true, students were still amazed that they were noticed in the crowds of students.

Culture day is not only the day used to express your traditions and culture, but it is also a day where we learn about other traditions and cultures. Many people who did participate were found in bright colours, and some were even covered in sparkles. 

If you wanted to see what people wore on that day, I would like to direct you towards the CHCI Activities Instagram account →



Once a few days passed, we asked 8 people if they participated in culture day. Around 25% said “yes”. It’s also surprising that only a small percentage were able to participate on Culture Day. We then asked another 10 people. Only 10% said “yes” this time.

However, when we asked if they had cultures or traditions 90% said “yes”. Many of the participants said they were “doing this with their friends”. Meanwhile, non-participants said they couldn’t “find any of their cultural clothes”. 

Many people who I knew also had traditions, and cultures but only some could participate. It was very surreal, as it was expected many would show their culture on culture day.


But, in the end, it was a blast when I saw people who were embracing their cultures, and traditions. 

Now that we’ve covered culture day watch out for new events here at CHCI, because we bet you that we’re probably gonna cover that. 


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