May 2022 Fashion Trends

This Spring and the coming summer are seeing many new trends, like the rise in the colour green and trenchcoats to name a few. Here you’ll find out all of what’s trending this season and what might be the next hottest trend.



Some popular trends this May 2022 have also been popular these past months with platform shoes, loafers, and tote bags still running supreme. We’re seeing a rise in platform sandals, open-toe heels, and clogs on the rise since the weather’s been warming up.

Other things that are still going strong are bucket hats (especially crocheted ones), crafty jewelry, and large bags; totes, canvas bags, sasha bags, chain handle bags, bucket bags, and matelassé bags are all making waves this season. 



We’re also seeing a rise in hyper-feminine and regency-core-styled clothing, mainly due to the influence of the world-renowned show Bridgerton and the popularity of the cottagecore aesthetic. This influence can even be seen in the met gala theme this year being gilded fashion, bringing styles from the 19th century back but with a more modern twist. Puff sleeves, floral patterns, tulle, ruffles, lace, gloves, corsets, bustles, pearls, bows, pink/purple hues, high necks, and layered skirts are all on the rise.   



Y2K fashion which has been gaining traction for almost a year now is definitely in this season and the coming summer. Be prepared to see baby tees, low-rise jeans, micro tops, oversized sunglasses, and denim skirts. Cut-out clothes especially dresses are definitely something to watch for as well.

A great example of the waves Y2K fashion makes in the fashion world can definitely be seen in the viral Miu Miu micro-mini skirt. These low-rise short pleated skirts took the world by storm. The style is nostalgic to fashion stars of the 2000s like Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Paris Hilton.

With celebrities like Zendaya, Hailey Bieber, Naomi Campbell, Hunter Schafer, Saweetie, and more wearing the iconic skirt it’s no surprise that it gained popularity. 

Whether it’s the micro-mini or the longer—yet still low-rise mega-mini, these Miu Miu skirts have gained extreme notoriety.



On the topic of skirts, pleated skirts, long skirts, and skirt suits are also trending items recently. Skirt suits and patterned sets (especially plaid ones) are some items to look for with preppy looks gaining popularity.  

Preppy fashion has been in style lately and these skirt suits match perfectly with the warm weather of May that will last through the upcoming summer. 


These are some fashion trends that are popular in May 2022 and some that may gain popularity in the summer. Just remember that fashion trends, while fun to follow, are not strict rules you have to follow. Wearing whatever you want as long as you like it is what fashion should be for you! 

By Bethel Eshetu


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