How Do You Breathe?

Simple questions: ¨How do you breathe?¨ and  Do you breathe through your lips or your mouth? 



Breathing is a task that we do in our day-to-day life. Our brains are already programmed to breathe, so we don´t think about it so much.  However, how do you breathe? Would you say through your nose? 


Saying you breathe through your mouth might come off weird to some, but, you would be surprised. During Jun 6 – 8 we asked 16 people how they breathe, some answered cluelessly, and some didn´t know what to say. But, they all answered. 



The majority of the participants answered ¨nose¨. This is good news, as these people weren´t swayed by their body´s immediate reaction to assume breathing out of your mouth ¨brings in more air¨.


But, some did like our 6 participants who answered their ¨ mouth ¨. But many had reasons. The most common was if they had a cold, or runny nose. This is acceptable, but I really recommend that they just blow their nose. 


So, you must wonder why I did this, to put it short. ¨Engage with our community¨ and prove that breathing through your mouth is a health hazard. 


So, at the end, it really doesn´t matter. But, I would start to breathe through my nose. 


By Krithik Mahesh 


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