Romantics Technologies Inc.

Romantics. Inc is a dating app like no other. Their goal is much different than popular & like-minded dating apps such as Tinder, or Bumble. 



These guys want to develop personal and romantic relationships. In short, they want to make their dating app feel like you’re in a real-life conversation. 



Usually big companies sell your data, but Romantics.Inc use your data for a good reason. It might sound cliche, but this data tracking helps the developers make your experience personalized. I believe that more companies should be open about data tracking like Romantics Inc. 

With Romantic.Inc’s legal system in tip-top shape, I believe that this app will come to the likes of Tinder, or Bumble. 

Their app really focuses on the quote “For the players, by the players”. As the company’s main goal is to satisfy, and provide their customers with the utmost effort. 



A startup is a difficult thing to manage, especially if you’re a highschool student with limited time. There is unparalleled creativity, passion, and determination.  

For this article, we sat down with Gopal, a CHCI Golden Gael, and the mind behind Romantics.Inc, to discuss the idea behind the startup, plans for revenue, and where Romantics is visioned to be in the future. 



“To me, everything is derived from passion. Got an idea? Do it. Don’t know how? Figure it out, or forget it. Nobody will pay you for having a thought. Bereft of an idea, I pursued my passion for using technology to make things we take for granted more special. Small startup, big city. Yet revenue can only be attributed to the value we bring to others.”  

“And, we hope to give as much of it as possible to our community as we grow. We hope to introduce our charity foundation to donate seamlessly near the end of the 4th quarter.” 



“One day I simply told my friend that I was turning into a hopeless romantic chasing people that were masquerading as something else. And with that, I saw a flaw in the online-dating industry where matches were instant, conversations synthetic, and dates awkward. We promise to fix that.”  Romantics is working towards making the online-dating oasis “more human.” 



Romantics is hiring! Check out their website: for more information.  To stay updated, follow Romantics Technologies Inc. on Instagram @romanticsapp.


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